TILLIX Nissan Patrol ZD30 Hi-Flow 3" Turbo Inlet Elbow

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Introducing TILLIX's High Flow Inlet for Nissan Patrol featuring the ZD30 engine. Compatible with both Di and CRD ZD30 engines, this inlet elbow stands as the pinnacle of airflow optimization for Nissan's powerhouse.

Crafted to perfection, TILLIX's custom-designed, cast metal 3" air inlet elbow sets a new standard in turbocharger performance. Unlike fabricated components, our cast products boast unparalleled design flexibility and precision engineering.

Specifically tailored for ZD30 Di and CRD models from 2001 to 2016 equipped with GT2052V turbos and OEM/Factory alternators, this inlet elbow ensures seamless integration and enhanced airflow. Note: compatibility with aftermarket alternators may vary due to clearance considerations.

Ideal for both standard and upgraded turbochargers, this inlet elbow maximizes airflow efficiency, particularly beneficial for larger turbochargers with machined or ported compressor housings. Experience a significant increase in airflow directly before the compressor wheel, optimizing turbocharged performance to its fullest potential.

High-flow 3-inch means less restriction!

The outlet diameter at the compressor flange is 60mm, 28% larger than the factory turbo inlet size of 47mm.

Large diameter bends with the longest possible radius is the best way to ensure optimal airflow entering the turbo compressor housing.

We recommend 3″ intake pipework be used with this product to achieve peak flow and efficiency.

Demon Pro Parts make a 3" intake pipe kit that is perfect for use with this inlet elbow!

Why use a larger turbo intake elbow on a Nissan ZD30 engine?

Got turbo troubles? Don't let a restricted air intake put the brakes on your turbocharger's lifespan! Picture this, your compressor's working overtime, trying to gulp down as much air as possible. But if it's struggling against a tight intake, it's like asking a sumo wrestler to squeeze into skinny jeans – not pretty.

That's where we come in. Our turbo intake upgrade isn't just about boosting performance, it's about giving your turbo the breathing room it deserves. Think of it like turbo yoga – stretching out those intake pipes, airbox, and snorkel to match the turbo's appetite for air.

So, whether you're cruising with stock power or cranking up the boost, our turbo intake upgrade has got your back – and your turbo's longevity in mind. Say goodbye to premature thrust bearing failures and hello to turbocharged bliss!

Comes with:

- Stainless Steel Cap Screw Bolts
- Gasket

    Tillix are an Aussie owned and based company that create high quality parts and complete kits.

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