CCT Stage One Billet Turbocharger To Suit Nissan Patrol ZD30 3.0L 724639 705954

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All CCT Stage One Turbochargers are assembled, balanced and air flow calibrated in house. Using slim hub technology and extended base tip design will increase the flow rate of the turbo up to 15%. The billet wheel is much lighter and stronger than a regular cast wheel, meaning it will spool up at a faster rate and also reduce pressure on the thrust bearing as having less weight will reduce the enersure thrust front to back.

Model: GT2052V
Part No: 724639-5006S / 724639-5002S / 705954-5009S / 705954-5013S / 705954-5015S / 769328-5001S / 769328-0001 / 769328-5001
OEM No: 14411-VC100, 14411-2X900, 14411-2X90A, 14411VS40A, 14411-VS40A
Vehicles: Nissan Patrol ZD30 3.0L

Do I need to tune my car with CCT stage one turbo fitted?
Upgrading turbo chargers can be a hard decision on many customers, on most late model diesel vehicles upgrading turbocharger systems can involve many more modifications EG, Exhaust and tuning the vehicle as bigger turbochargers will often throw not work as a bolt on.  

CCT's Stage One range is ideal for those people don’t want to spend thousands on exhaust an tuning modifications as we specially modify these turbochargers to work as a bolt on upgrade, although tuning can be done after installation and greater results will be seen as our testing has proved, on our 2013 Mazda BT50 3.2L with only a 3 inch exhaust system and standard tune, first dyno pull with a stock turbocharger made 103KW and 360NM, Second dyno pull with our CCT Stage 1 and standard tune made 115KW and 400NM which is an increase of 12% more power and 11% more torque with our turbocharger upgrade, third dyno run with our CCT Stage 1 turbocharger and a full remap  made 140KW and 500 NM with is an increase of 36% (37KW) of power and 39% (140NM) of torque to the wheels.

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