A turbocharged Nissan Patrol ZD30 is a perfect ride for your off-road escapades. Not only can you make your turbo engine perform at its peak with advanced turbochargers by Demon Pro Parts, but you can also enjoy significant fuel-savings in the long run.

From being a noisy component to a highly efficient performance part, Turbochargers have come a long way. And while there's a lot of options to cloud your decision, Demon Pro Parts presents only the latest turbochargers that delivers 10% more power than any aftermarket counterpart.

A turbocharger is all about delivering consistent power at both low and high RPMs so that you can easily tackle off-road challenges and win highway battles with a slight throttle push. To make it actually work for you, we offer turbochargers that are consistent in terms of power delivery; thereby, minimising lags. And thanks to ceramic-coated housing, these turbochargers run smoothly without giving you heating troubles.

Patrol ZD30 Turbo

Also, installation will never be an issue for you.  If you don't have time or tools to install a turbocharger by yourself, why not visit our workshop and get it done by an expert? We also provide affordable repair and maintenance solutions to ensure your turbocharger in good shape.

To give you the peace of mind, we offer a 12-month warranty on all turbo parts that we sell. This means that in case your turbocharger doesn't function properly after installation, we'll replace it should any manufacturing defect be the reason.

Demon Pro Parts offers a wide range of turbochargers to fit every vehicle and performance requirement. Have a look at the variety of turbochargers on offer, and in case none of these fit your vehicle, we can build a custom turbocharger tailored to your unique specifications. All it takes is one phone call.