It's fun to drive a Nissan Navara D40 in turbo mode, but do you have the right performance part to soak up the fun? When it comes to turbochargers, we don't like to miss out on the fun. And we make sure you don't either. Demon Pro Parts provides a Turbocharger that's hand crafted to power up your Nissan Navara D40 and take you on a joy ride every time you press the throttle.

The experience is worth your time and money. We're not gonna lie; you will be blown away by the insane amount of power a turbocharger puts on the block.

Demon Pro Parts is driven by a true passion for performance parts, with turbocharger being the most popular choice for taking the driving experience several notches up.

Installing a turbocharger in your Nissan Navara D40 requires some hardcore expertise. If you don't want to throw a spanner in the works, feel free to visit our workshop and have our licensed mechanics take care of the installation for you.

Navara D40 Turbo

We offer a wide range of turbochargers to suit most types of vehicles. For your Nissan Navara D40, we have handpicked the best that rakes in 10% more air than a standard aftermarket turbocharger. Also, these turbochargers are ceramic-coated. Ceramic coating improves heat dissipation, enabling turbochargers to run cool, no matter how hard or how long you keep pushing the throttle.

When you buy from Demon Pro Parts, you get a 12-month warranty on all turbochargers. The warranty covers all types of manufacturing defects and gives you the confidence to not only buy from us but also recommend us to your friends.

At Demon Pro Parts, we try to stock turbochargers for every vehicle there is, but in case you couldn't find what you have been looking for, feel free to discuss your requirements with us. We are confident to source the turbocharger you need or have one custom made to your specifications at a competitive price.