Before you go on to test the full potential of your Nissan Navara during off-roading, why not surprise yourself with extra performance boost? Yes, we are talking about the insane wheel-spinning thrill that's get even more dramatic on a dirt-track.

Demon Pro Parts provides a variety of turbochargers to increase measurable horsepower and fuel efficiency. We provide a complete turbo-charger kit that includes all parts, accessories and bolts to carry out the installation. You could either do the installation yourself or stop by our workshop to have experts handle it for you.

A turbo-charger generates a lot of horsepower for your vehicle, and heat is the inevitable by-product. Heat is the worst enemy of the engine as well as the turbo-charger. And when a turbocharger soaks up heat at high RPMs, the result is reduced power due to low air density. Since it is important for a turbo-charger to run cool at all times, we bring to you a superior range of turbochargers with ceramic coating to keep the temperatures under control.