Landcruiser 80 Series Turbo

The way it glides over rough terrain and cruises into and out of the deep scrub - Landcruiser truly lives up to its name and makes you feel powerful behind the wheel.

While you may love your Landcruiser the way it is – a no-frills mad beast – there are a few accessories that you shouldn't go without. A turbocharger is one of them.

Demon Pro Parts provides Landcruiser 80 series turbocharger which offers increased performance for the outback and better fuel efficiency on the tarmac. Unlike stock and cheaper ones available on the market, our turbochargers are designed to last.

With a ceramic-coated housing, heating issues are a thing of past. Which means you can make your ride grunt through the twists and bends, all day long.

We recommend only experienced mechanic for the turbocharger installation, as mishandling can cause damage to the part. Get in touch with us for expert installation advice and assistance.