Demon Pro Parts provides genuine OEM turbochargers for Holden Captiva and similar models. These turbochargers come with an electronic actuator to give you a lag-free launch every time your press the throttle.

Turbochargers kick in at higher RPMs right when you want to overtake, scale a hilly track or let the insane acceleration stick you tight to the seats. In any of these situations, a turbocharger delivers more power than you could ask for.

Holden Captiva is a powerful SUV. Therefore, it makes sense to enhance its performance for the love of off-road driving. To meet your expectations, Demon Pro Parts presents advanced turbochargers to let you unleash the maximum potential of your vehicle, which is far beyond the factory performance.

With great power comes great responsibility. So when you install a turbocharger on your Captiva, make sure your tyres and brakes are capable of handling the considerable increase in power.

A turbocharger doesn't go in alone. There are other essential upgrades as well that make the 'effect' felt strongly behind the wheel. With the throttle body upgrade and performance accessories, you are all set to create a tamed monster to rule the road.

Holden Captiva Turbo

We offer you a choice of turbochargers for your Holden Captiva. Not sure which one would be a perfect match for your engine? Get in touch with us to discuss your concerns, so we can help you make an informed buying decision.

Demon Pro Parts has a well-established workshop, a one-stop destination for the installation of performance parts and repairs. We have a team of experts having hands-on experience with all major brands and models. Further, to ensure your peace of mind, we provide a 12-month warranty on our service.

Do you have a question? Is there anything that's holding you back from making the purchase? Feel free to discuss your concerns with us and get the expert advice.