HiAce Turbo Toyota

Demon Pro Parts provides HiAce turbocharger designed for the 3.0L Diesel variant. This turbocharger fits just like any factory part but performs nothing like them.

It gives you a 10% extra power boost and a slight improvement in fuel efficiency -- all this without any installation or maintenance hassles.

The turbo kicks in during the mid-range and gives you the desired punch all through up to the red line. Plus, its ceramic-coated housing dissipates heat quickly, letting you rev to the limits without worrying about overheating issues.

HiAce is one of the most desirable commuters out there, and Toyota being the maker of this masterpiece, its reliability is unquestionable. While the massive 3L motor produces 134 bhp with 300Nm of torque, it gets even better with our quality turbocharger that's more durable and efficient than just about any aftermarket purchase.

Demon Pro Parts believes in providing quality parts. They may not be the cheapest, but they sure pay for themselves by lasting longer than their cheaper alternatives.