Are Aftermarket Turbo Chargers BAD? Find out here...

Are Aftermarket Turbo Chargers BAD? Find out here...

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Are Aftermarket Turbo Chargers BAD?

Turbo Charger upgrades and replacements: Choosing the right  turbo for your vehicle...

When your car's turbocharger fails, the decision to replace it with an aftermarket turbo can be a game-changer. At Demon Pro Parts, we specialise in high-quality aftermarket turbos, Australian-built high flow turbos, and genuine OEM replacement turbos. This guide will help you navigate the pros and cons of aftermarket turbos, ensuring you make an informed decision tailored to your needs.



Why Consider Aftermarket Turbos?

Aftermarket turbos can be a viable option for many car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike. The choice largely depends on your vehicle's usage, performance goals, budget, and reliability concerns.

Pros of Aftermarket Turbos

Performance Enhancement

High Flow Turbos: High flow turbos are engineered to increase airflow and boost power output. This upgrade can significantly enhance your car's performance, making it a favorite among enthusiasts looking to improve speed and acceleration.

Standard Replacement Turbos: These turbos can match or even surpass the performance of OEM turbos at a lower cost, offering a reliable solution for those looking to maintain or slightly enhance their vehicle’s performance without breaking the bank.


Aftermarket turbos can often be more affordable than OEM parts. This is particularly true for older or less common vehicles where OEM parts might be scarce or expensive.


Aftermarket options are widely available and can sometimes offer quicker turnaround times compared to waiting for OEM parts.


Aftermarket manufacturers provide a variety of options, allowing you to select a turbo that best fits your specific needs and preferences.



Cons of Aftermarket Turbos

Quality and Reliability

The quality of aftermarket turbos can vary. Some aftermarket parts may not meet the same standards as OEM parts, leading to potential reliability issues or a shorter lifespan if purchased from an unreliable brand. High flow turbos that have not been thoroughly tested, while boosting performance, can also place additional stress on the engine and other components, potentially requiring further modifications and increased maintenance.

Compatibility Issues

Not all aftermarket turbos are direct fit replacements. Some may require additional modifications to fit properly, adding to the overall cost and complexity of the installation. Ensuring compatibility with your vehicle's existing systems, such as the ECU and exhaust manifold, is crucial. That is why at Demon Pro, we ensure that there is no hidden modification you need to do, and that when we say "Bolt on"... it is in fact bolt on!

Warranty Concerns

Aftermarket parts often come with different warranty terms compared to OEM parts. Some may have limited or no warranty, which could be a concern if the part fails prematurely. Making sure that the aftermarket turbo you buy has the same warranty time frame and kilometers as an OEM replacement is a must!



Key Considerations for Aftermarket Turbo Upgrades

Intended Use

If your car is used for daily driving and reliability is a top priority, a high-quality standard replacement (either OEM or a reliable aftermarket brand) might be the best choice. For performance-oriented applications, such as racing or high-performance street driving, a high flow turbo could be suitable, provided you are prepared for the additional maintenance and potential modifications required.

Reputation of Manufacturer

Research and choose a reputable aftermarket manufacturer known for producing high-quality, reliable parts. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from automotive communities can be very helpful. At Demon Pro Parts, we stock everything from quality replacement parts, High flow models and OEM Replacements, and we only use the most reliable and highest quality aftermarket and OEM providers.

Professional Installation

Ensure that the turbo is installed by a professional with experience in turbo systems. Proper installation is crucial for the longevity and performance of the turbo.


Consider the total cost, including the price of the turbo, installation, and any necessary supporting modifications.



Aftermarket turbos can be a great option if chosen carefully, considering the factors above. For those seeking a balance between performance and reliability, a high-quality standard replacement from a reputable aftermarket manufacturer can be a cost-effective alternative to OEM parts. However, for performance enthusiasts, high flow turbos offer significant power gains but come with additional considerations and potential trade-offs. Always weigh the pros and cons and ensure any modifications are done with a clear understanding of their implications.

At Demon Pro Parts, we're here to help you find the perfect turbo solution for your vehicle. Explore our range of aftermarket turbos, high flow turbos, and OEM replacements to keep your car performing at its best.


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