12 Months Manufacturer Warranty Policy


Turbochargers and their components purchased from Demon Pro Parts are covered by a warranty of 12 months from the date you have received the order. The warranty covers manufacturer's defects under normal operating conditions.

If you believe your Demon Pro Parts turbocharger unit is not functioning properly please contact us. If the problem is a warranty issue, Demon Pro Parts will refund it, repair it or re-send a new CHRA or repair kits, or replace it free of charge, depending on specific situation.

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper installation or use. Warranty claims will only be accepted if the unit has been professionally installed by a workshop. If the turbo/cartridge was installed by yourself, the warranty claim is void cannot be accepted.

Demon Pro Parts will require a copy of the receipt for the turbocharger/cartridge installation service issued by the workshop. If you are a mechanic & have installed the turbo/cartridge, please provide a copy of the receipt or a copy of your professional mechanic certificate. 

Below are some situations that are NOT COVERED by our warranty.

Damaged compressor wheel caused by foreign objects being sucked in.           
Massive shaft play caused by oil blockage in the thrust bearing.           
Oil starvation caused by oil line obstacles.           
Bearing damage caused by oil contamination.           
Over speeding, misuse, racing applications & improper installation.           
Modifying the turbocharger unit in anyway shape or form.
Using liquid gaskets or seals on oil or water feed and drain flange. 
Installing the unit on a vehicle that has not been serviced regularly. We may need you to provide the receipts of the service.

Please note: This Warranty is limited to the parts only and not cover any labor fee for fitting the products.