Things You Need to Know About Mitsubishi Triton VT16 Turbocharger and Motor

Things You Need to Know About Mitsubishi Triton VT16 Turbocharger and Motor

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 The factory VT16 turbo for Mitsubishi triton 2.5L is reliable, but if over boosted with boost controllers etc will result in wasted power. Soot build up due to the EGR is a common issue which can result in costly repairs! We have seen inlet manifolds clog up as pictured below, cleaning these out will have a massive flow increase and take the strain off your turbocharger.

Mitsubishi triton intake manifold carbon build up

We have Turbocharger options available for the Mitsubishi Triton 2.5L including; Standard, Stage 1 And Stage 2. These options suit a range of applications from the everyday stocker to the weekend trail runner! All Stage 1 and Stage 2 options come with our upgraded billet compressor wheels giving you the most out of your turbo!

vt16 turbo

If you have our upgraded billet turbo fitted, it will add (PEAK) Torque earlier in the rev range. ECU tuning is not required for our Stage 1 turbos, but the Stage 2 units will require tuning and supporting mods to be efficient with your vehicle.

Here are some mods that can be done whilst replacing a turbocharger to add the best results and there are also some long engine life tips there too!

  • Upper engine cleaner and in-tank fuel additive once every 4-5 tanks to keep those injectors clean and chambers from filling with carbon.
  • Good quality low friction engine oil such as Mobil 5W30 will give much better longevity over a non-synthetic oil.
  • Fuel system clean, this can often get good results, cleans the EGR "gunk" out of the intake and combustion area. Also injectors as well as an inlet manifold and exhaust as well as fuel pump, lines and sensors.
  • Tappet adjustment, most mechanics forget this as it's not an easy job.
  • Cleaning your intake manifold, very common to build up with carbon deposits.

Here is a link to our range of Mitsubishi turbochargers(Click Here), Please feel free to give us a buzz on (03) 8766 8888 if you have any questions of your Mitsubishi turbochargers.