The Mighty Patrol And Its TD42 Engine

Nissan Patrol TD42 Turbocharger

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TD42 Silver Top-

The Td42 silver top came out in 1988 in GQ Patrols, naturally aspirated making 85KW and 260NM she was no powerhouse, but due to Nissan's Over engineering this engine was perfect for boost, thick rods and heavy pistons saw this engine have turbochargers fitted through the 90’s and still going strong today will many pushing well over 500,000kms.

Many will argue the correct size turbo for this vehicle as it was not a factory fitted turbo car, through testing both on and off road (as this car was designed as an off-road machine) we have found the perfect size turbocharger to suit the mighty Nissan Patrol GQ, The Garret GT28/60RS, whilst still retaining the factory 10mm Fuel Pump this turbocharger works great, set to 12 psi with a small Quarter turn on the fuel screw alone side a top mount intercooler see’s the TD42 reach power levels of over 110kw and 450nm which is an incredible gain without changing to much on the old engine, no of course I know there are people that want more power and torque, so don’t think this turbo only does small gains, with the correct fuel pump and engine modifications we have seen the Garret GT28/60RS reach power levels over the 160KW range and 600NM.

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Here’s A Link To Our Garret GT28/60RS Turbocharger

Nissan GU Patrol TD42

The Nissan Patrol GU range saw the mighty TD42 once more, now in three styles TD42, Blacktop naturally aspirated which saw the lightweight pistons and rods (we don’t encourage boost levels over 12psi in this engine as they're prone to bending rods and having holes in pistons at high PSI levels.

The TD42-T NON-Intercooled Black Top and the TD42-TI Intercooled these engines saw thicker rods and pistons over the original silver top engine, fitted with an HT-18 Turbo Charger saw power levels of 114KW an 320nm off the showroom floor for the TD42-T and 120KW a 330nm for the TD42-TI , but the heaver Nissan Patrol GU body had many buyers unsatisfied, Many choosing to add in an intercooler and wind up the boost to gain great results nut the factory fitted HT-18 would max out at 15-16 psi and became very laggy which is no good for the serious off-roader.
Once Again we have stepped up and created an HT-18 Billet Turbocharger, still retaining the same housing but utilising the lightweight billet wheel, were able to get them to spool faster and hold boost levels at an earlier stage. Great option for a factory upgrades without going to hard on the wallet.

Now for the more serious buyer, we once again offer up the Garret GT28/60RS With A adapter Plate to the factory manifold and some small modifications to the dump pipe and inlet to fit it, this once again is the ultimate upgrade to your Nissan Patrol TD42, as you will see power and torque levels rise 30%.

We are currently in development of an HT18 styled turbocharger in which will be a DIRECT bolt on to your Nissan Patrol GU TD42 engine, with upgraded housings, bigger wheels and a massive 3.5inch turbocharger air inlet, this turbocharger will see major power increase whilst retaining a stock look.

Keep an eye out for this turbocharger over the next few months, we will also be bringing out the DPP TD42 turbo kit to suit Nissan Patrol GQ/GU. This will be the ultimate complete bolt-on kit, with everything you need to do a drive in drive out service!

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Here’s A Link To Our Garret GT28/60RS Turbocharger