Is Your Cat Blocked?

Is Your Cat Blocked?

Wei Wei |

Having a Blocked Cat Means More Than Just Going To Your Local Vet Clinic.

Any Blockages In Your Exhaust System Generally Means Having a Back Pressure Problem, Back Pressure Results In Wasted Exhaust Gases Being Pumped Back Into Your Turbine Fins, This Causes Premature Failure On Your Turbocharger Internals, One Of The Main Faults Is The Thrust Bearing Wearing Out Due To Exhaust Pressure Bouncing Back On The Shaft, Another Issue Is The Oil Control Seals Being Pushed Apart And Leaking Oil Past Its Groove Causing Oil Cavitation.

Without Exhaust Back Pressure Sensors And Inlet Manifold Sensors To Monitor The Pressure Difference Between The Two, It’s Nearly Impossible To Tell If The Catalytic Converter Has a Blockage. This Is Why It’s Always Important To Inspect These Things When There Apart, Otherwise You May Be Paying Twice!

This Problem Is Often Overlooked And Turbochargers Are Often To Blame, Having Your Vehicle Inspected Properly Is Critical When Replacing Your Turbocharger. Here At Demon Pro Parts We Go Through Your Vehicle Properly When Replacing Turbochargers, From Your Exhaust And Intake Systems Through To Your Oiling System, We Check And Report Everything To Ensure You Get The Most From Your Turbocharger System.

All In All, We Recommend Having Your Car Checked Properly And Especially The Exhaust System As It Plays Such a Critical Role In The Efficiency, Performance And Longevity Of Your Engine System.

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