2005-07 Toyota Hilux/Prado With 1kd-Ftv Engine: Injector Seal & Injector Failure

2005-07 Toyota Hilux/Prado With 1kd-Ftv Engine: Injector Seal & Injector Failure

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2005-07 Toyota Hilux/Prado With 1kd-Ftv Engine: Injector Seal Failure

Initially, The 1KD-FT Enigne Had Copper Seats At The Base Of The Common Rail Injector To Provide A Seal Against The Combustion Chamber. These Seats, However, Can Fail And Cause The Following Problems:

Blow-By Gases Enter The Tappet Cover And Mix With The Engine Oil - This Bakes And Carbonises The Engine Oil;

Blow-By Gases Block The Oil Sump Pick-Up;

The Engine Can Be Starved Of Oil;

The Lack Of Lubrication Cause Excessive Friction And Heat, Causing The Bottom End Bearings To Melt And Engine Failure.

Symptoms Of A Failed Common Rail Injector Seal Include:

  • White Smoke And A Rattling Noise After A Cold Start.
  • A Blocked Oil Sump Pick-Up.
  • Failed Turbocharger Due To Contamination And Or Oil Starvation.

We Recommend That Owners Of Vehicles With The 1kd-Ftv Engine Which Has Copper Injector Seats Have Them Replaced With The Updated Injectors And The Oil Sump Pick-Up Cleaned If There Is Evidence Of The Copper Injector Seats Allowing Blow-By Gases To Pass. At Each Service, The Oil Sump Pick-Up Should Be Inspected And, If Required, Cleaned By Removing The Oil Sump Covers, Taking Out The Screen And Spraying It With A Carbon Cleaner Or Degreaser.

05-07 Toyota Hilux/Prado With 1kd-Ftv Engine: Injector Failure

It Is Not Uncommon For The Injectors In The 1KD-FT Engine To Fail Around 120,000 To 140,000 Kilometres, Though They May Fail As Early As 75,000 Kilometres Or Last 250,000 Kilometres. Symptoms Of A Failing Injector Include:

A Loud 'Knock' Noise That Is Audible When The Windows Are Down, Particularly When The Engine Is Cold;

  • Poor Fuel Economy.
  • An Erratic Or Rough Idle.
  • Rough Running, Particularly Under Load At Low Engine Speeds.
  • Failed Turbocharger Due To fuel/Oil Contamination.

The Shorter Lifespan Of These Injectors Is Attributable To The High Fuel Pressure (From 30 To 160 Mpa), Multiple Injections Per Combustion Stroke, Small Tolerances And Fuel Quality. As A Preventative Measure, It Is Recommended That The Injectors Be Replaced Every 100,000 Kilometres. At Each Service, It Is Recommended That A Diagnostic Test Be Conducted To Measure Feedback Volumes Or Total Volumes For The Injectors To See If They Are Working Properly.

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