T250 Ceramic & Billet Turbo For Land Rover Defender/Discovery 2.5L 300Tdi 452055

This is a Ceramic Housing & Billet High Flow turbocharger to suit Land Rover Defender/Discovery 2.5L 300Tdi

Model: T250-4
Part No: 452055-5004S / 452055-0004 / 452055-0007
OEM No: ERR4802 / ERR4893
Vehicle: LANDROVER Defender / Discovery / Range Rover 2.5 TDI 300 TDI

This turbocharger is fitted with a Billet impeller wheel and has been designed to provide up to 10% more airflow than the standard turbocharger, also has faster spool times to prevent a laggy take-off.

This new series of turbocharger has a ceramic Coated Compressor Housing, we have done this change to increase the efficiency of the turbo and to spread heat evenly, we know that turbos suffer from heat soak and this can cause a loss in power due to the air density decreasing, this range can now put a stop to that, this is the turbo you need.

Ceramic coatings are typically used on components to reduce temperatures as they have a very low heat transfer coefficient. This means they do not absorb heat efficiently, making them an excellent thermal barrier.

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