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๐’๐“๐€๐†๐„ ๐Ÿ CCT Turbo Hi-Flowed for Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series 1VD (Pair)

CCT Stage Two Billet Turbocharger To Suitย Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series Twin Turbo 1VD-FTV

Built by the best for the best, our new range of hi-flow turbochargers have been built for the enthusiast who wants more power than the average Joe.

Fitted up with custom curve finned 6+6 point milled wheels for maximum air sucking capabilities, high flowed and polished compressor covers all done in house to match the bigger compressor wheel and finished off in CCT green, these range of turbochargers can produce upwards of 25% more airflow over a standard unit.

Built, painted, machined, balanced & airflow calibrated in house.ย 

Direct bolt on units have never been so easy, things to look out for while installing these bad boys are.

  • A New Heavy Duty Clutch May Be Needed (Dependent On Vehicle)
  • Hi Flow Exhaust Is A Must
  • A Good Snorkel Or Intake
  • ECU Remapping Will Be Required In All Cases

This Listing is forย bothย the Left and Right turbos.

Drivers Sideย Turbo info:
Model:ย RH4V
Part No:ย VB36 / VB22 / VAD20026 /ย VBD20026 /ย VCD20026 /ย VDD20026 /ย VED20026 /ย VAD20080ย /ย VBD20080ย /ย VCD20080ย /ย VDD20080ย /ย VED20080 / V41VED-S0080G /ย V41VED-S0080B
OEM No:ย 17210-51020 / 17201-51021 / 17201-51022 / 1720151020 / 1720151021 / 1720151022

Passenger Side Turbo info:
Model:ย RH4Vย 
Part No:ย VB37 / VB23 / VAD20027 /ย VBD20027 /ย VCD20027 /ย VDD20027 /ย VED20027 / V41VED-S0081G /ย V41VED-S0081B
OEM No:ย 17208-51010 / 17208-51011 / 17208-51012 / 1720851010 / 1720851011 / 1720851012

Vehicle:ย Toyota Landcruiser VDJ200 Series Common rail 1VD-FTV
Actuator:ย Optional Electronic Actuator (Melett Brand)
Gaskets:ย This turbo comes with a free gasket set as photo shows.
Warranty:ย 12 Months, Unlimited Kilometre
Delivery:ย Free post to Aus wide, normally takes 2-4 days to major cities.ย 

Boost Pressureย Information:
Tested and Warranted Toย 24ย PSIย Of Boost Pressure (If The Turbocharger Failsย &ย There Are Any Signs Of Overspeed/Excessive Boost Pressure When Assessed, It Will Not Be Covered Under Warranty)

If you are not sure if this product is correct for your vehicle, please call us on 03 8555 3989 or send your VIN toย sales@speedupautoparts.com.auย