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๐’๐“๐€๐†๐„ ๐Ÿ CCT Turbo Hi-Flowed for Nissan Navara D40 / Pathfinder R51 YD25 4-bolt flange

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CCT Stage One Billet Turbocharger To Suit Nissan Navara D40 YD25 2.5L & Nissan Pathfinder R51 2.5L

All CCT Stage One Turbochargers are assembled, balanced and air flow calibrated in house. Using slim hub technology and extended base tip design will increase the flow rate of the turbo up to 15%. The billet wheel is much lighter and stronger than a regular cast wheel, meaning it will spool up at a faster rate and also reduce pressure on the thrust bearing as having less weight will reduce the inertiaย thrust front to back.

Model:ย GT2056V
Part No:ย 769708-5004W /ย 769708-5004S / 769708-5004 / 769708-0004 / 769708-4 /ย 769708-5003S /ย 769708-5003 /ย 769708-0003 /ย 769708-3 /ย 769708-5002S /ย 769708-5002 /ย 769708-0002 /ย 769708-2 /ย 769708-5001S /ย 769708-5001 /ย 769708-0001 /ย 769708-1 /ย 767720-5004S /ย 767720-5004 /ย 767720-0004 /ย 767720-4ย /ย 767720-5003S /ย 767720-5003 /ย 767720-0003 /ย 767720-3ย /ย 767720-5002S /ย 767720-5002 /ย 767720-0002 /ย 767720-2ย /ย 767720-5001S /ย 767720-5001 /ย 767720-0001 /ย 767720-1
OEM Part No:ย 14411EC00B / 14411-EC00B / 14411EC00C / 14411-EC00C / 14411EC00E / 14411-EC00E / JIC02166I /ย 14411-EB70A / 14411EB70A / 14411-EB70B / 14411EB70B / 14411-EB70C / 14411EB70C / 14411-EB70D /ย 14411EB70D /ย 14411-EB71A / 14411EB71A / 14411-EB71B / 14411EB71B / 14411-EB71C / 14411EB71C / 14411-EB71D / 14411EB71D
Vehicle:ย (Fits Thai & Spanish Models)
- Nissan Navara D40 2.5L YD25 - 4-bolt flange
- Nissan Pathfinder R51 2.5L YD25 - 4-bolt flange
Cooling:ย Oil & Coolant
Gaskets:ย This turbo comes with a free gasket kit.
Warranty:ย 12 Months, Unlimited Kilometre
Delivery:ย Free post to Aus wide, normally takes 2-4 days to major cities.ย 

Why buy a CCT Turbocharger?
CCT turbochargers are built, balanced and calibrated using the latest technology to not only meet and exceed OEM specifications but to ensure you are getting one of the best aftermarket turbochargers on the market.
Because they believe in their products, and constantly strive to provide the best customer service. They offer a 12 months unlimited KM hassle free warranty.