Garrett GT2871R Turbocharger

Bearing Type: Ball Bearing.
Cooling System: Oil & Water Cooled.
Turbine Housing: Internally Wastegated, available in 0.64a/r or 0.86a/r.
Base Flange: T25.
Exhaust Outlet Flange: 5 Bolt CA18DET / SR20DET style.
Actuator Pressure: Standard 12psi with upgrade options.
Horsepower: 280-475hp.
Displacement: 1.8L - 3.0L.
Previous Part Number: 743347-5002S / 743347-0002

    # Please Note- We have .64A/R & .86A/R Available, Please let us know what size you will require.

    The GT2871R will bolt directly onto the CA18DET/SR20DET factory exhaust manifold and dump pipe, however, when this turbocharger is supplied, the housing orientation is generic. This means that the compressor housing, turbine housing, and core assembly may need to be rotated to suit the application, and the actuator bracket may need modifying to fit.   

    If you are not sure if this product is correct for your vehicle, please call us on 03 8766 8888 or send your VIN to 

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