DPP Performance Turbo G25-550 Point Milled Billet & Dual Ball Bearing Turbo

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The DPP Performance Turbo G25-550 is the latest in turbocharger technology.

Featuring a lightweight billet 8 Blade point milled wheel, oil ports on both sides of the turbo core, ceramic Dual Ball Bearing and v-band flanges, this is the ultimate package for a smaller engine looking for quick spool and high power.


  • Inducer- 48MM
  • Exducer- 60MM
  • 3 Inch Inlet (Slip On)
  • 2 Inch Outlet
  • 0.70 A/R
  • Speed Sensor Port


  • Inducer- 54MM
  • Exducer- 49MM
  • Inlet 2.5 Inch V-Band
  • Outlet 3 Inch V-Band
  • 0.72 A/R (EXTERNAL GATE)


Cartridge Assembly
-German Ceramic Dual Ball Bearings
-Ultra Seal Oil Rings
-Nitrile O-Rings
-Oil & Water Cooled

Gaskets & Fittings
-Oil Feed Gasket
-2x Oil Restrictors (Only Use If Required)

Ceramic Ball Bearing
Ceramic Ball Bearings are used in our cartridges as they don’t suffer with heat as a normal stainless ball bearing would, there also low friction, to ensure smooth rotations and a quicker spooling turbo.

Point Mill Compressor Wheels
Point milling is the latest in comp wheel technology, point milling takes twice the time of a normal flank mill, point milling makes the compressor wheel lighter and the design makes the compressor wheel 2% more efficient over the standard flank mill.

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