Turbo Installation

Why bring your car to us?

With over 15 years experience in the trade working on turbocharged vehicles we are the one stop turbo shop.

Because we service vehicles here, and we repair and provide new turbochargers here, we make the perfect shop to bring your car in. With the knowledge of both, we can analyze individual problems and then repair accordingly to prevent you from having to buy a new turbocharger just 6 months later as we have seen many times before.

On the other note, you will find many mechanics will not follow the warranty guide lines that we have created. We have done this to protect YOU, The customer.  We see many that don’t follow these guide lines and have turbochargers fail immediately, this is why we have a work shop, we have a work standard above many others and we are driven to repair your vehicle back to new standards.

To speak to our friendly staff for a cost-effective quote today, call us on 0387668888.