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DPP LS Sheet Metal Intake Manifold Kit LS1/LS6 (Cathedral Port)

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DPP LS Sheet Metal Intake Manifolds Come Complete With: Throttle Body,Fuel Rails, Cross Over Pipe & All Fittings/ Nuts & Bolts And Gasket/O-Rings

N/A Motors:

N/A Motors will see a big benefit in HP & Torque, being short direct intake runners these up the power band to let you rev your motor right out, cammed engines will really see difference in power but even standard motors will see gains, perfect manifold to finish a LS swapped car or add power and style to your HOLDEN.

You should see a increase of 10-15 Wheel HP as a bolt on and 20+HP on a modified engine, Please note- Tuning may not be required but we always advise to have your engine tuned to suit this manifold as it flows more air than your factory plastic intake.  

Boosted/Power Adder Motors:

Forced induction engines see a great benefit from manifolds like this, with larger plenum volume, direct runners and no air restrictions allowing for less boost restriction resulting in having to use less boost pressure to make more power.

The added benefits are a light weight manifold made of alloy construction to handle high boost applications. These also have multiple ports on the under side to allow reference spots for Brake Booster/ Fuel Regs/Waste Gates/ Blow Off Valves and other accessory's.

Please Note- Ports are same size as factory, we have done this encase you have custom head port and want to have them port matched.

Key Features:

*Light Weight 

*Satin Black Powder Coated

*102 MM Billet Throttle Body

*1 Inch Bore Fuel Rails

*Multi Height Fuel Rail Brackets To Suit Short & Tall Injectors

*Fuel Cross Over Pipe

*Trumpeted Intake Runners For Even Flow

*CNC Flanges

*Nuts/Bolts/O-Rings & All Necessary Barb/ AN Fittings INC


These are not your cheap EBAY Manifolds that bend and warp, those are cheap copy's of ours. Our manifolds have been pressure tested up to 50 PSI of air pressure with no leaks or signs of warping.

these also are a direct fit on VT-VZ Holden Commodores, some bonnet cutting will be required.

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